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best science fiction books, science fiction novelTodd, Angela and Randy are three brilliant teens chosen as colonists on the first interstellar expedition. In the final days before the launch of the starship ARK, they discover a ruthless conspiracy to politically and economically enslave the colony. Their horror at the plan propels these three on a lethal collision course with the agents of the most powerful men on Earth.

Earth is in its final crisis, where unstoppable events will destroy man’s home planet. Terrified billions break into a worldwide riot, even as the United Nations nears completion of the first of six massive starships that will carry its cargo of young colonists, and as many of Earth species as possible, to a new planet.

“The explosive XTERRA Series is a rising star in the new genre of young adult science fiction.”

This YA SciFi novel series explores one possible future of mankind in a complex story of society on the verge of collapse. The teenagers face impossible choices, personal tragedy and unexpected danger and death in the unforgiving depths of space... if they survive long enough to escape from Earth. read more >


“Start reading only when you can read from the beginning of XTERRA Conspiracy, to the end of XTERRA Escape. I promise, you won't read just one chapter at a time.”
- Erika M. Szabo

“I loved the XTERRA Series! It has great character development, world-class terrorists, conspiracies, romance; what more could a person want?”
- Totila Grandbergs

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