Ivis Bo Davis science fiction books

Ivis Bo Davis, Science Fiction AuthorIvis Bo Davis is the author of the XTERRA Series, speculative fiction novels set a hundred years in the future. Intrigued at mankind’s lust for control, he marvels at their endless conspiracies and ruthless attempts to gain power.

His stint in the U.S. Navy as an aviation electrician and his later years as a Field Service Engineer brought him into contact with advancing technologies, whetting his interest in the sciences. Out of this passion the XTERRA Series was born, a boiling pot of space adventure mixed with political conspiracy.

Bo grew up on potato farms outside the tiny communities of Hansen and Filer in southern Idaho. At the age of eight, his father placed a mattress in the back of his truck and allowed Bo and his brother to sleep under a sky full of stars, birthing Bo’s fascination for outer space. Today, he writes science fiction so he can explore the Galaxy and travel to far-flung planets.

He resides in Garland, Texas, with his white blue-eyed cat named Lenny.


“Bravo to the author. I am now a fan, and anxiously awaiting for the next book!”
- Cynthia Sherman

“Ivis Bo Davis shows great imagination while describing the universe of the near future in the XTERRA Series.”
- Earl Stubbs