October 4, 2014 ivisbodavis Books

Dear friends and family that I love…

If you or those you love are struggling with excess fat or obesity, you are almost certainly the victim of a FUNGUS infection. And I’m not talking about 10 pounds of extra weight, either. I’m talking FAT. That’s right, and you CAN get rid of both the FUNGUS infection and the FAT.

The human body in good health is typically slender. Excess fat tissue is a SYMPTOM of severe illness. Candida is a fungus. It’s only purpose is to break down your fibrous tissue, cell walls, ligaments, and other connective tissue AFTER DEATH. In a living body Candida is trying to KILL you.  AND it’s succeeding!

While pharmaceuticals can temporarily kill the fungus overgrowth, they CANNOT prevent regrowth of Candida. There are nutritional products that can control Candida colony size for the rest of your life. Find them, use them and get your healthy, slim trim figure back.

I have found products that not only work, but will keep you healthy for the rest of your life.  If you don’t want to buy anything from me, then OK.  But, find something to get your health back.

So what is the big deal?  80% of the U.S. population is obese… not just packing a few extra pounds.  The Pharmaceutical industry gets 80% + of their $ Trillion revenues from treating autoimmune disorders that are easily defeated or even prevented.  You are PAYING for expensive health care because the Pharma Giants products, (medicine) kills the probiotics that keep your gut and body HEALTHY.  Pharma is killing your health!

Get rid of Candida and live a healthy and enjoyable life, or… continue to feed Candida on a diet rich in cooked, dead, sugary, carbohydrate “FOODS” and die a slow, miserable death from easily preventable disease.  Cancer and other autoimmune diseases are almost always the result of a CANDIDA INFECTION.

It’s your choice you know.  I know the choices that I have made.  And my body is getting healthier every week.  I can help you get your health back.  I sell Plexus products because the entire line of products is designed to control Candida in your body and to encourage restoration of health.

Are there other products to help with Candida infection?  Certainly. So, why Plexus? Plexus buys only the highest quality nutrients available for their products.  These nutrients are EXPENSIVE to produce and to buy.  Cheap anti-Candida products are usually pharmaceutical imitations of effective nutrients. To get the best result, use the best products you can find.


Plexus products are made from high-quality organic nutrients and are formulated to rid the body of Candida overgrowth, control regrowth, reduce inflammation and pain, and provide high quality nutrients to help your body defeat diseases and restore it’s health.

What do Plexus Products cost?  Would you be surprised to discover that you can get our three (3) best products for less than what you would spend to buy a Starbucks coffee once every day for a month? Or, less than what you spend on candy, soda pop, beer, chips, snacks and fast food each month?  That you can get HEALTHY for the same money you are already spending to make yourself sick?  Plexus products are simple good nutritional FOOD and drink.

You can get these products from me or someone else, but GET them to GET your health back.  Here is my website: .  Here is my email:  C’mon, ask me a question.  I dare ya!


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