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I am interested in science in many fields. I once read an article where two scientists were presenting opposing views on the subject of the long term stability of the Earth’s Electromagnetic (EM) field. They began with the statement that without a strong EM field the Earth would soon burn in the fires of the Sun’s solar wind. One scientist presented an idea that the EM field may be slowly failing, and the other maintained that the EM field is so powerful that it cannot fail, despite a recognized pattern of field strength variations.

This got me thinking, and over a period of years I gathered scientific data on EM field strength, variations in North and Sough pole magnetic strength and location. I also began to recognize a pattern in the appearance of multiple North and south poles all over the Earth.

That led to personal research on interrupted whale migratory patterns, whale beaching, thinning in the protective atmospheric ozone layer, Solar sunspot patterns, and variation in the power and direction of the solar winds, and species extinction. This led me to create my own theory to explain why these things are happening.

My theory is based on this scientific fact: The central core of the Earth is a solid globe of nickel iron. It is stationary, and the surface of Earth spins around it at a thousand miles an hour – lubricated by the liquid magmatic core. This difference in speed is the generator that creates the Earth’s protective EM shield.

I personally believe the EM field is shrinking. The reason for my belief is a recent article that states the stationary central core has recently developed mountains on it’s surface of up to a kilometer in height. So What are the causes of the creation of those mountains? And what is the consequence of their formation?

FIRST THE CAUSE: I believe the central core of the Earth is cooling slowly by partial degrees. This cooling results in the formation of solid mountains on the core by mineral deposition.

NOW THE CONSEQUENCE: With the emergence of mountain ranges on the solid core of Earth, it is creating distortions in the flow of the liquid magmatic core. These distortions, like whirlpools in a creek, are circular in shape. In fact, they are massive vertices likened to tornadoes. These vertices are creating their own EM fields, thus the multiple, unstable, and temporary north and south poles found all over the Earth.

WHAT IS THE LONG TERM PROJECTION? I believe the Earth is dying. The evidence is obtuse, beginning with millennia long shifts toward global warming, and recent increases in the rate of species extinction. What has been recently recognized, but not integrated into the planetary model calculations is that in a reduced EM field strength environment, MITOSIS (primary cell division) is inhibited. When the field reduces to a certain level, reproduction of every species will become impossible.

And there goes planet Earth as a living island in the desert of space.

It was this realization that led me to consider what social, economic, political, and spiritual changes would occur with the knowledge that the Earth was dying. This is the basis of the XTERRA Series.

Now, I have an elder brother, and he despises Science Fiction as a literary genre. He did, however, finally consent to read my novels. This is his personal statement. “The XTERRA Series is more of an international thriller and less of a science fiction story. This complex book is comprised of interwoven international stories of the panicked response of races of people facing their own extinction. ‘What shall we do? and How will we survive?’ I think it’s a brilliant story, and well-written. Just don’t accuse me of enjoying Science Fiction!”

Storyline: Facing extinction, the terrified societies of Earth cooperate in the building of 6 massive starships a kilometer and a half wide, a kilometer and a half tall, shaped like a Diamond – and designed to travel through space point first.

Space travel is only for the young, so the most important question on Earth is ‘whose children will live and whose will be left behind on a dying planet?’ This question forces harsh and lethal realities in the knowledge that most of the blood lines of Earth will perish.

The power brokers are determined to preserve the ‘Right to Rule’ for their own decedents. Therefore plans are created to ensure the political and economic weakness of the masses will ensure the children of the power-brokers rule any and all planets colonized by the starships.

Three young colonists discover this conspiracy of power, and determine to free the people to rule themselves and choose their own destiny among the stars.

When the powers-that-be discover the colonists intent, it becomes a lethal footrace to be killed or escape.


I wrote the XTERRA Series as a young adult novel, with social and moral decency a prime consideration because I believe that politeness is essential to a healthy society.

As it turns out, not only do young people love XTERRA (the word means Out of Earth), but to my surprise, older readers are delighted with the storyline as well. I live with constant pressure to produce the next novel in the series. You may look at my author’s website here: www.ivisbodavis.com

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