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best science fiction books, science fiction novel

XTERRA Conspiracy
Book 1 of the XTERRA Series 

In his award winning novel, XTERRA Conspiracy, Ivis Bo Davis draws a picture of the planet Earth in its final crisis. Events beyond man’s power to solve threaten the existence of the planet. Mankind must send its children, and as many of the Earth species as possible on an interstellar voyage to a new planet. To prevent worldwide anarchy, an ultra-covert program is enacted to build six massive starships in hopes that mankind can seed the galaxy with colonies of humans.

Todd and Randy are young scientists selected for the first interstellar expedition. Their accidental discovery of a diabolical political conspiracy sets them on a lethal collision course with Earth’s power elite. 

They soon discover that wealth, intelligence, and determination aren't enough to survive… they’ll need someone of greater power to watch their back.


“If you want to read a very well-written science fiction book, I highly recommend the XTERRA Series. It’s an amazing book!”
- Delores Wright Marcus

“Cliff-hangers that cost me some well-needed rest, as I just had to see what would happen next!”
- Robert Mathis

best science fiction books, science fiction novel

Book 2 of the Xterra Series

Todd Ward and his two friends learn that warships are under construction for the purpose of enslaving interstellar human colonies. Out-numbered and out-gunned, they challenge the diabolical plan, knowing they must be willing to pay the ultimate price to protect the colonists.

Horrific events will drive them to consider unthinkable alternatives. Who will survive and at what cost?


“I read a lot, and this is one of my favorites!”
- Sandra

“I couldn't stop turning the pages.”
- Erika M. Szabo