Ivis Bo Davis science fiction books

“Ivis Bo Davis shows great imagination while describing the universe of the near future in the XTERRA Series.”
- Earl Stubbs

“Davis constantly amazed me with his application of physics to micronics, weapons, and energy.”
- Earl Stubbs

“I read a lot, and this is one of my favorites!”
- Sandra

“I couldn't stop turning the pages.”
- Erika M. Szabo

“Start reading only when you can read from the beginning of XTERRA Conspiracy, to the end of XTERRA Escape. I promise, you won't read just one chapter at a time.”
- Erika M. Szabo

“The author has proven that you can have a story that is G rated, exciting, and enjoyable. Kudos!”
- Gradon Wall

“I simply could not put them down...”
- Ruth Thaxton

“Loved the XTERRA Series! Intriguing plots with lots of twists and turns!”
- Totila Grandbergs

“Great character development, world-class terrorists, conspiracies, romance; what more could a person want?”
Totila Grandbergs

“If you want to read a very well-written science fiction book, I highly recommend the XTERRA Series.”
-Delores Wright Marcus

“An amazing book!”
- Delores Wright Marcus

“Cliff-hangers that cost me some well-needed rest, as I just had to see what would happen next!”
- Robert Mathis

“I highly recommend this novel to anyone who loves a fast-paced action story!
Jeff Davis

“If you enjoy science fiction, you need to order your copy of XTERRA Series. It was reminiscent of the writings of Robert Heinlein.”
- June Arnold

“I recommend this book to any sci-fi fan!”
- June Arnold